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Personal Budget Review: 5 Steps to Peace of Mind

When your parents made you mow lawns all summer, they wanted you to learn that it is easier to save a dollar than to make a dollar.  Despite these collective lessons, we tend to focus on earning more rather than conducting a simple personal budget review. Before you volunteer for overtime, take a miserable job, … Continue reading Personal Budget Review: 5 Steps to Peace of Mind

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If something is on the curb, is it free?

Yes! Something on the curb is (probably) free for you to take. However, there are some important considerations. Something on the curb is free as long as long as... It is intended for disposal. There are no local prohibitions on the taking of trash or recycling. It is in public space (where anyone is free … Continue reading If something is on the curb, is it free?

Car camping without the campground

Car Camping without the Campground

Campgrounds can be great.  If you are partying with a large group, bringing small kids, or enjoying the campground's amenities, they are worth it.  On the other hand, there are several reasons to try camping without the campground. If you are just getting into camping, campgrounds are like training wheels.  Once you are familiar with … Continue reading Car Camping without the Campground

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How to Enjoy Being Cheap

I wish that more people could learn how to enjoy being cheap. I have been listening to the Dave Ramsey Show quite a bit lately, and I agree with his financial advice in general.  If you are unfamiliar with Ramsey, he explains how "debt is dumb" and tells people that they should "live like no … Continue reading How to Enjoy Being Cheap

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Tips for Car Camping after Flying

I strongly recommend car camping after flying as an option for your next travel adventure.  This approach allows you to get the most out of your car rental, stay closer to your outdoor destinations, and save money on accommodations. For my approach to car camping after flying, you will use one or more large, checked … Continue reading Tips for Car Camping after Flying

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7 Steps to Managing Car Camping Stuff for Good

When it comes to managing car camping stuff, the experts are doing it wrong! The so-called experts are obsessed with checklists, labeling, sorting, grouping, selecting, arranging, and wasting time in general.  Nothing says, "I suck at adventure!" like a color-coded three-ring binder. I do not want to have a Marie Kondo-style catharsis every time I head … Continue reading 7 Steps to Managing Car Camping Stuff for Good

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Car Camping Cooking Options

If you are new to car camping or wish to up your campsite cuisine, you might be tempted to run out and buy an expensive, cumbersome set-up that has everything including the kitchen sink.  Do not buy expensive gear only to discover that it is not for you.  Consider all of your car camping cooking … Continue reading Car Camping Cooking Options

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Cheapest Car Ownership Strategy

We have a love/hate relationship with our cars.  They can mean freedom, opportunity, adventure, and even self-expression.  On the other hand, cars also mean debt, frustration, and anxiety. I have pretty much always needed car for my occupations and lifestyle.  I appreciate the practical, comfortable service of a well-engineered machine, but my affection for cars … Continue reading Cheapest Car Ownership Strategy

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Trash Picking Laws

If you find treasure where others see trash, take a few minutes consider trash picking laws. Are you breaking the law when scavenging, dumpster diving, curb surfing, free-cycling, or trash picking?  Maybe.  It depends on where you are picking, what you are taking, and your methods. You are breaking no federal laws by trash picking garbage … Continue reading Trash Picking Laws