Eagles Parade, Total Cost $10

A free event for a priceless memory

Perhaps you wondered how I would find a way to brag about the world champion Philadelphia Eagles in my blog about being cheap.  Well, wonder no more.

While I spent a tidy sum hosting a Superbowl LII party, the total cost of attending the parade was only $10.  (My wife was kind enough to attain a one-day public transportation pass for me on her lunch break.) That’s it.  We didn’t spend any other money as she was able to use her monthly pass.  My buddy was willing to walk the dogs for me (Thanks, Tony!) We packed lunches and were able to visit some friends downtown to get warm for a while.

We did spend many hours waiting in line and standing in the cold, but it was well worth it to party for 15 minutes with my world champion Philadelphia Eagles and a million of my closest friends.

Cheapist Hall of Shame: I did not get my free Bud Light.  The bars, as you can imagine, were totally bonkers, even when they opened at nine AM.

jason kelce on broad street
Center Jason Kelce was the parade MVP in his snazzy mummer outfit.  Check out his epic, WWE-worthy celebration speech.

What does this mean for you?

If your city or region is having an incredible event, find a way to participate.  Just walking about can be immensely entertaining.  Another example comes to mind, my wife decided our thanksgiving party should go to the Philadelphia Christmas tree lighting with live music and holiday goodies; it was great.  The best parts of these events are the people watching, excitement, and positive vibes.  You don’t have to pay for a cruise, concert, resort, theme park, etc. to be included in a joyous crowd.

eagles parade float
Look at the spectators on the building.  No, the building on 13th street, in the far upper right of this picture.
doug pederson holding trophy
Doug Pederson looks pretty comfortable holding the Lombardi trophy aloft for a few hours.
spectators at eagles parade
“Let’s do this again next year.”

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