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If you are not using your public library, your life is a sham.

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If you are not using your public library, you are wasting money.

My title says it all.  If you own anything that can download media and you are not using your public library, you need to reevaluate your life choices..  I get audio books for dog walking and driving and Ebooks for evenings.  I haven’t downloaded any movies yet, but the Free Library of Philadelphia does have a lot of them.using your public library ebook

Books at no risk

If you are not using your public library you risk wasting money on something you won’t like or even finish.  Even if you are buying cheaper Ebooks, or yard sale romance novels, there is always a risk.  You might not like it, and you cannot get a refund.

You might resolve to force yourself to finish the whole book before starting anything else.  Then you will procrastinate and watch re-runs of Bonanza instead.  Before you know it, you are illiterate, you can’t watch any movies with subtitles, you lose your job, and your spouse leaves you. (I’ve seen it a hundred times.) All of this because you didn’t want to take the time to get a library card.  It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

Chuck freely.

not using your public library woman throwing book

Life is too short to read books that you are not enjoying.  There are too many great books out there to waste any time.  When I am reading a book and decide to give up on it, I chuck it across the room (scaring my wife and the dogs.)  I had to stop doing this when I switched to Ebooks, so I keep a sacrificial bound book that I hate handy to throw across the room (A Walk in the Woods) when needs must.

Now that I download books for free, I can chuck A Walk in the Woods across the room at will and have no qualms about it.  Three minutes later,  I am reading something that I enjoy.

Sometimes a book is very popular, and you have to wait your turn to download it.  This is not a big deal as you get an email as soon as a copy become available.  Getting to try the book for free is worth a bit of waiting.if you are not using your public library people reading

If you are not using your public library, you are narrowing your horizons.

One side-effect of this freedom is that you tend to try books that you normally wouldn’t.  I confess that I have been listening to self-help books more than I used to (don’t judge me).  They don’t require the same level of concentration when walking the dogs as, say, War and Peace.

Video link: George Carlin on self-help books (Viewer discretion is advised.)

If you are not using your public library, you might fail to discover something that you really enjoy. Who knows, maybe I will give Fifty Shades of Grey a try, I like color theory.

A nice place to hang out.

if you are not using your public library guy readingIf you are not using your public library, you might be missing out on a sweet place to relax and do your thing. Perhaps your library has an inviting common space. My public library has a great little park outside.  The internet connection reaches the park, and I can bring my own coffee or whatever.

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It is a nice way to meet people in you neighborhood that you might not run into in another setting.

If you are not using your public library, your life is a sham: conclusion

Do you pay any taxes? I thought that you might.  Why would you not take advantage of a resource that you paid for?  Give it a try, you might like it.  There are seven billion people on this world and many of them are creating fascinating content.  Much of this content is available through your public library; you don’t need to spend much on media if you do not want to.

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  1. Such a good reminder about life being too short to read bad books. I for some reason feel obliged to finish any book I’ve started, no matter how much I’m not enjoying it. Thanks for the reminder to check out our wonderful public libraries!

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