Minor Leagues, Major Fun

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I scored second row seats at the Wells Fargo center for ten bucks!

Point of clarification: The Philadelphia Flyers played the early game; we went to the later game pheaturing our phabulous Philadelpia Rebels.

minor league hockey
Intermission fun / Why is the popcorn always gone?

Minor league sports for family fun

Once upon a time, I could go to watch Dodgers games in Chavez Ravine for a modest $12.  Well, those days are over.  Many families cannot afford to regularly spend fifty dollars or more per ticket, not to mention concessions, parking etc…  The minors offer a charming experience at a minor expense.

At this particular game I was amused by how excited all the kids were.  They weren’t put off by the fact that the Philadelphia Rebels are a tier II junior A hockey team;  they were screaming their heads off and waving signs.  Furthermore, their chances of being on the jumbo-tron, getting a free shirt, and participating in the fun and games were markedly improved.


Now I’m looking forward to some  Lehigh Valley IronPigs baseball!

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