getting labels off bottles

How to Get the Labels off Bottles the Easy Way

We are surrounded by useful and often attractive glass bottles and jars; it is a shame to waste them.  You may want to reuse bottles and jars simply for storage or re-purpose the glass for a neat Pinterest idea, but first you must know how to get the labels off bottles easily. The best way … Continue reading How to Get the Labels off Bottles the Easy Way

turning pallets into stuff cover

Get Started Turning Pallets into Stuff

Turning pallets into stuff overview Perhaps nothing is as satisfying as using your own hands and creativity to make something useful from worthless junk.  In many professions the results of our efforts are often longitudinal or indistinct.  I love turning pallets into stuff because the gratification is immediate and concrete. In turning pallets into stuff, … Continue reading Get Started Turning Pallets into Stuff

cheap and easy homebrew method

Cheap and Easy Homebrew

Get started making cheap and easy homebrew. If you think that you might like brewing your own beer, do it.  You don't have to be some kind of gastronomic genius or chemistry nerd to make great tasting beer from scratch.  Don't go overboard with cost or complexity.  This article will help you get started making … Continue reading Cheap and Easy Homebrew

homemade gifts for adults featured

Best Homemade Gifts for Adults

The argument for homemade gifts for adults The promotions for holiday loans make me sick.  If you need the loan, should you really be spending so much on gifts?  Perhaps you should be saving up your emergency fund or paying down debt instead.  There are more thoughtful ways to make gifts special without taking out … Continue reading Best Homemade Gifts for Adults

bearing-guided router bit

Making Molding with a Router

Making molding with a router saves money on projects. Doing your own home improvements makes sense if you enjoy the projects and have the aptitude, but the average DIYer spends more on the materials than a pro.  One way to overcome this disadvantage is by making molding with a router.  After all, you have already resolved … Continue reading Making Molding with a Router

saving a wood floor

How to Save a Wood Floor Cheap

Is the wood floor worth saving? Some people believe that they should save a wood floor no matter the condition.  My wife is one of these people.  Our oak veneer floor (only about 3/8" thick) was installed (poorly) in 1925.  These thin, face-nailed floors cannot be sanded down very much or very often.  My floors have … Continue reading How to Save a Wood Floor Cheap

painting a room on the cheap

Painting a room on the cheap

Painting a room on the cheap is not as easy as the Home Depot thinks. It seems like every other home store commercial features a young couple completing an ambitious painting project.  They fold their arms, regard their freshly painted room with pride, and nonchalantly toss their spotless tools into an equally spotless bucket.  What … Continue reading Painting a room on the cheap