reducing the costs of fun clowns

Reducing the Costs of Fun

When did having fun become so expensive? Many people equate the amount of fun they are having with the amount of money they are spending.  Reducing the costs of fun does not limit your fun, just your spending. Maybe I am just a product of my childhood.  Nowadays parents drive kids from horse camp, to … Continue reading Reducing the Costs of Fun

dumpster diving season

Spring Is Dumpster Diving Season

When people look at my body, they are surprised to learn that I am a competitive diver.  However, if they watched me on Fridays (garbage day), they would see me moving pretty fast and flexing my lifting muscles in some world-class dumpster diving. Trash-picking saves money, helps the environment, gives the thrill of victory, and … Continue reading Spring Is Dumpster Diving Season

reducing coffee habit costs featured

Reducing Your Coffee Habit Costs

Let's think about the "latte factor" of our budgets. Are your coffee habit costs worth it?  Is watching other people on their laptops the highlight of your day?  Does scoring the big, comfy seat with the least repulsive stains make you feel like a winner? Do you curate a collection of cups with your name … Continue reading Reducing Your Coffee Habit Costs

getting the most from your public library featured

Get the Most from Your Public Library

Stop wasting money and get the most from your public library. I am not sure what causes many of us to ignore our public libraries. Perhaps it is because marketers have done a wonderful job convincing us to pay for books, media, and downloads.  Public libraries offer the same opportunities for free but without the … Continue reading Get the Most from Your Public Library

homemade pizza simplicity

Homemade pizza simplicity

Want to toss pizza night up to new heights but your budget is stretched thin? Gourmet pizzeria prices leaving you cheesed off?  Is there a way to stretch your dough and still raise your pizza expectations? Pizza at home is a slice above when you make your own dough and sauce and experiment with toppings.  … Continue reading Homemade pizza simplicity

eagles parade on broad street

Eagles Parade, Total Cost $10

A free event for a priceless memory Perhaps you wondered how I would find a way to brag about the world champion Philadelphia Eagles in my blog about being cheap.  Well, wonder no more. While I spent a tidy sum hosting a Superbowl LII party, the total cost of attending the parade was only $10.  … Continue reading Eagles Parade, Total Cost $10

dog listening to records

Collecting Vintage Vinyl Cheap

One of my Cheapist thrills is collecting vintage vinyl.  I enjoy hunting for albums and selecting which to take home (based on the nebulous and contradictory criteria understood only by the deepest corners of my subconscious). I enjoy the artwork and the conversations sparked when others peruse them.  I enjoy discovering music that can no … Continue reading Collecting Vintage Vinyl Cheap